Wednesday, October 8, 2008


There was no school last Friday, which meant that I was frantically trying to figure out a way not to take a day off work. Thankfully my mom was able to have the kids over. Jack Jr and Cheeks love going to my mom's house for several reasons. One of those reasons are the kids that live across the street. There's a 4 y/o girl, a 7 y/o boy, and a 9 y/o boy. The five of them always have a great time.

On Friday, the mom (Christie) of the three kids was getting her Halloween decorations out. So she gave Cheeks and her 4 y/o the trick-or-treat pumpkins to play with. They went back across the street and went to my dad to "trick-or-treat". My dad always has candy at hand, which is another reason the kids love going there. So after they got their booty from my dad, they went back across the street and trick-or-treated to Christie. By this time, the three boys got in on the action.

My mom's kitchen window looks out onto the street. (She's telling me this story laughing her ass off, btw.) So she looks out her window and what does she see? Five kids going up the street ringing doorbells, trick-or-treating. This was on Friday afternoon at 2pm.

Anything for candy, right?


Christine said...

That's too funny. I'd totally give some little kids something if they came to my door like that. Of course it would probably have to be something like fortune cookies from the chinese take out we got the other night, because I don't buy the candy till a day or two before. Otherwise we eat it.

Jenni said...

I'm surprised Dad didn't yell at them to go away, it's mine! I'm surprised he got off his chair!

Lori said...

You've been tagged!

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