Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And now for the real reason I had kids..

I just took this picture. At 7:15 a.m. Yesterday I cleaned the carpets. The furnature was still all moved around this morning, so I told Little Man to let me vacuum and then we'd put the dining room back together so he could have breaskfast.

He asked if he could vacuum instead. What am I gonna say to that, no? Ha! So then I thought, well shoot, he loves to vacuum and the rest of the house still needs a run through, so....

He vacuumed the whole house. Isn't he great? And wasn't I just the best mom ever for giving in to him and letting him have his way?

I thought so, too.

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Dev said...

See, this is why my house is such a mess! I didn't procreate my own cleaning crew.

Live and learn.

Anonymous said...

What a good mom you are!

My mom didn't make my brothers clean their bathroom - that was my chore. Every time we went to visit them in college, etc., guess who had the clean bathroom? Not them.

It's good to teach these things to boys. Not to mention making it easier on mom.

My munchkin washes her own clothes - and she's only 9. She's gotten pretty good at it, too. I still fold, but she does the machines.

Holly said...

No way! You had to clean their bathroom even after they left home? Ouch.

I'm an equal opportunity slave driver. In our house there are no "boy chores" or "girl chores". They share them all. Actually, last year LM went through a phase where he loved to clean the bathroom. No idea where it came from, but you can bet I took advantage.

I started them on laundry this year. I still "supervise" when they're adding the soap to the washer, but otherwise I let the handle it. I fold them, though. I'm slightly anal about how they get folded. :P

I'm telling you, there's nothing like having a child around to do what you could have done yourself, but it triple the time.

Lori said...

Ahhhh, enjoy it while you can!! It ends at about 11. *crying*

Then it becomes Mom torturing the kids. Equally as fun, but more work on your part.

nath said...

LOL :) Just soo cute :) Haha, maybe he'll become like Nick in Romeo, Romeo :) That'd be great no?

Tracy said...

OMG I'm so behind I need to get my kids doing the laundry! What a load off that would be!!

He looks so cute vacuuming!

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