Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Last night Kelsey had a soccer game. This is the first year that they actually have positions, goalie included. It's the year that the coaches really try to teach the kids how to play as a team. Pass the ball, don't fight over it with your own team mate. We've always told both our kids that passing the ball to someone who scores a goal is just as good as scoring the goal yourself.

There's this one girl on Kelsey's team (actually there's two) that just won't pass the ball to save her life. It's really annoying. If three girls are on her and another player is wide open in the middle, she still won't pass it. Instead of passing it to Kelsey who was yelling "Pass, pass!", she kicked it out of bounds. Kelsey walked up to her and said "Didn't you hear me saying pass?" and the girl just said "No!". I kind of don't blame the girl for the attitude b/c Kelsey can get snarky when she puts her mind to it.

In the same quarter, Kelsey made two really good passes. Both times, the person she passed it to scored a goal. We were really proud of her. She was proud of herself, too. She walked up to the girl and pointed toward the goal and said "See, that is passing.".

My daughter is not afraid to speak her mind.


Rowena said...

Oh can I relate to this one. It really pisses me off when you get little ball hogs who would rather throw the play then pass the ball and score a goal.


But good on Kelsey for her assists, David Beckham didn't get to where he is scoring goals, setting them up is just as important! =)

Lori said...

LOL - that'll tell 'em.

We only did one season of soccer when Jeff was 5, them moved on to basketball. Thankfully. Damn, it gets hot out there well, in So Cal it does, anyway, LOL!)

Holly said...

Kelsey cracks me up. That girl has some great attitude.

Jenni said...

Tell Little Miss Thing that Auntie is soooo proud of her!

Unknown said...

I love how when the goalscorer, after being given a great pass to score the goal would point to the passer in compliment.

And it amazes me that so many of your kids play football, but MLS is not big! Aaaaand... there is more to football than David Beckham. Way over-rated!!

DW said...

Awesome, haha. She is sooooooo going to be able to take care of herself...

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