Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I'm always amused by what I hear when we're in the car. Today Jack Jr had his eight year well child visit. He got his flu vaccination and a chicken pox booster. Cheeks also got her flu vaccination and chicken pox booster. This is the conversation that took place on the way home.

Jack Jr: Where did you get your chicken pox shot?

Cheeks: I got it in this arm. [points to right arm]

JJ: I got it in that arm, too. I didn't even cry.

C: I didn't cry either. I screamed.

That was an understatement actually. The flu vaccination was the nose mist. She took taht fine. When she saw the needle? Good God. You would have thought that her finger was cut off slowly. And she was sitting on my lap.

My girl has a set of lungs.


Holly said...

Ok, that seriously cracks me up. I can sooo hear her saying that, too. hahahaha

Lori said...

LOL!!! Cheeks just sounds soooo precious. Too funny :)

Jenni said...

Please stop torturing my niece! Tell her to come see Auntie - I will not make her get shots! I will give her gum balls all day, everyday!

Casee said...


If I tell her that, she'll want to live w/ you forever.

DW said...

Casee I meant to tell you that since I read this the other day I laugh everytime I think of it. Seriously you should send it to readers digest. " I didn't cry either, I screamed". Haha really does it get any funnier than that! Especially since it's true.

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