Monday, October 20, 2008

It's always funny when it doesn't happen to you

My sister sent me a text message on Saturday night and it still makes me laugh when I think about it. Jack and I were watching Life when I get a text message that begins like this:

your nephews and niece almost got us busted. they called 911 and hung up.

She goes on to tell me that when they called back, she didn't answer the phone until the 3rd call. Jack and I were laughing our bums off b/c, like the title says, it's always funny when it doesn't happen to you.

Last night I was telling my mom and dad about it (still laughing) when Will asked me if they got in trouble. Jenni, I don't know if they did, but I told him that they were grounded for a month. LOL

Oh and one more question...when 9-1-1 calls, does it say 9-1-1 on the caller id? Jack and I were discussing that and are really curious to know.


CindyS said...

I've learned that lesson myself. I called 911 and hung up but it was a for a legit reason. I was stunned when the phone rang and they told me it was 911 and did I need help.

What's scary is that a police car would have shown up at the house if they hadn't answered again and then I bet there would have been some drama!

Now I can call 911 and get put on hold. Seriously. My hubby's leg is torn wide open but sure, after those 19 ring tones and a brusque answer I will hold ;)


Jenni said...

Well, this is where I look like a big Doh-Doh! The caller ID said Cresa 911. I figured it was some charity collection scam, so I ignored it - 2. The 3rd ring caller ID said "City of Vancouver". Why would the City of Vancouver be calling me on a Sat. night at 7:30pm - I paid all my bills on time! Hubby answered and it was the police department. His comment to Chief whoever was "We did not think our kids were that stupid." Well, guess who the stupid ones are??

BTW - kids are not grounded for a month. We chalked this up as a learning event - for all of us! Phone is now taken out of the playroom.

Anonymous said...

Boy my Niece and Nephews are lucky they were born to you.... Jack Jr and Cheeks would be grounded from the "Wiiiiiiiiiiii" for a week... ;)

Cant wait to see them though :)

Jenni said...

They are just as excited to see their Auntie and Uncle! They would prefer if Jack Jr. and Cheeks came too, but they will settle for you, just this once.

Tracy said...

Yeah my oldest called 911 when we were at a friends house and then lied her ass off about being the one who did it (of course she did). Anyway, they didn't call back - they just showed up. She got a good long talkin to from the police about NOT calling 911 for fun and games. I think she learned her lesson. At least I think she did - who really knows! lol

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