Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The wrath of Jack

Don't bother him when he watches football. Even though Cheeks experienced what happens first hand, I'll have to remind her before the Super Bowl.

On Sunday, Jack was watching football and I was doing homework. Cheeks started crying from upstairs. Neither of us moved. I felt bad about that after the fact, but it's her own damn fault. We're so used to hearing her cry or throw fits that we don't react. This time, she was really hurt. She fell and hit her head. She had a huge goose egg. Touching it made my head hurt. When Jack went upstairs, I heard W saying "I didn't do it, I didn't do it!".

When Cheeks came down, I set her up with an icepack. W came downstairs right as I noticed some blood on her shirt. I asked what happened and W said he didn't do anything, he just "gave her a bloody nose by accident".


Later that night, Jack was still watching football when we put the kids to bed. Cheeks has always been the child that puts off going to bed. She doesn't care what she has to do. She'll need five drinks of water, decide she needs to brush her teeth again, or she may need an icepack b/c something is itching. Regardless, we've gotten used to her excuses. Or I thought we had. She came down and started crying about how her head is going to hurt "tomorrow and the next day and the day after that and probably the day after that, too". Jack got mad at her. See, in his mind she was trying to make us feel guilty because she was hurt. She's six.

The lesson learned? Don't come between Jack Bauer and football playoffs.


Tracy said...

The poor thing. I completely understand. My 11 year old is the one that cries all the time and we don't react - it's sad. My 6 year old is the one that puts off going to bed...I need a drink, I need something to put on my owie, I need a bandaid, I'm itchy and on and on. And she used to be the one to crawl in bed, roll over and go right to sleep! lol

Casee said...

Tracy, when we can finally get her to sleep she stays asleep. It's getting her there that's become more and more problematic.

Jenni said...

You better have something set up for her for Superbowl...she may be completly ignored that day since you will not be there.

Casee said...

I started to type that maybe I should send her to my mom's, but that's not going to happen. I might have to ask my across the street neighbor to check in once in awhile.

Lori said...

Poor thing. Yeah, it's like that in our house, too. Steve has gotten used to it. He even pretends interest now.

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