Saturday, January 10, 2009

Could You Survive?

I've been dealing with a disc related back injury since the beginning of September. I've been in physical therapy for four months. Part of the PT is walking (brisk walking). He had me start doing that when the weather was really crappy and there was no way it could be done outside. So Jack and I would load the kids up and go to the gym. Since the weather has been much nicer the last week or so, I've been walking outside. Because they're not old enough to stay home alone, they have to come with me. They can walk, ride their scooters, or ride their bikes. We go about 1.6 miles around our subdivision which takes 25-30 minutes.

Yesterday afternoon, we set off with me walking and both W and Cheeks on their bikes. We got about half a mile (most of this is downhill) and they started complaining that their legs hurt. I rolled my eyes at this point. The really bad part came at the end of the loop when we had to go back up the hill. It's not a very steep incline, more of a gradual hill. W hasn't quite gotten the fact that you shouldn't stop halfway up to "rest". So they're both huffing and puffing, complaining about their legs being tired, that they're tired and are we almost done? I just wanted to knock their heads together, I was so annoyed.

Recently, they've been watching this show on the Discovery channel called "Could You Survive?". It's basically overweight, out of shape people that get put in a situation where they have to depend on physical strength for survival. I've watched the show with them, it really is a good show. So they've been watching recorded episodes of it for the last week or so.

This morning when I came downstairs to make coffee, they were watching the last episode. It was called "Wildfire". These two couples have to run 1.25 miles, climb a hill and run to the "helipad" all under a certain amount of time. So I'm making the coffee and W asks me (completely serious by the way) "Do you think I could run 1.25 miles?"

I laughed. I laughed and laughed. I felt kind of bad for laughing so hard, but I was just remembering the day before he couldn't even ride his bike for 1.25 miles without stopping and complaining. So after I stopped laughing, I explained that no, I didn't think he could run 1.25 miles.

Both him and Cheeks are determined to try it. Apparently, when we go on our walk today, the two of them are going to "run". I'm thinking about trying to take the video camera. It's bound to be good entertainment.


Jenni said...

You never mentioned how this walk turned out....did they make it the whole way running?

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