Monday, January 19, 2009

Boys Are Strange

We have approximately 4 power outlets per room in our house. Some rooms have more and some rooms have less, but the average is 4. We have 9 rooms in our house, so that means we have approximately 36 power outlets in our house. I'd say of those, probably 4 are completely filled and and another 5 or so are covered by furniture. That leaves us with 27 open and available power outlets in our house. From where I'm sitting on the couch I can see 3 of them.

So why then I wonder did Little Man plug his Nintendo DS into the one in the dining room? I ask, because it seems odd to me that the child would choose the one outlet in the entire house that requires him to hide under the dining room table to use it.

Boys are so strange.

(The kids when to stay with their dad for a week after Christmas. When they came home, Little Man had a mohawk. Yes, a mohawk. This is an ongoing thing with us. If I don't get LM a haircut before he goes to his dad's he comes home with a mohawk. I have a feeling the RB (Aka: the Rat Bastard, their dad) does it on purpose just to piss me off. Isn't it awful?)


Lori said...

Yup - strange. That's all there is to it.

And wow, he's looking more and more like you! (It wasn't the mohawk, I swear!)

Rowena said...

Okay seriously...I love the mohawk and he is so frickin' handsome! And that sounds just like something Brenna would do to drive me crazy, sounds like LM is doing the same thing to you...haha.

CindyS said...

Too funny. Maybe it's like a fort kind of thing we did as kids. Or was that just me?

I'm trying to think of a way to get RB back but I'm guessing a hena tattoo with 'my dad is an RB' wouldn't go over well with the family ;)

Ohhh, how about an earring!! A gigantic hoop earring!

Again, another reason why I don't have kids ;)


Chantal said...

Oh, I love his hair (sorry)
If that my kid he would be asking to dye it green or something.

I would say yes, Dh would say no, and then we would go ahead and do it anyway :-P

(BTW, I LOVE the banner!)

Casee said...

I like the hair, too. The question is, does he like it?

Holly said...

Sure Lori, I just bet it wasn't the mohawk! He is pretty handsome though, isn't he?

Yep. He lives to drive me crazy, I think.

I've tried finding ways of getting back at the RB, too, but he's not above using the kids and I am, so it's hard to be as diabolical as he is. *sigh*

Could be a fort thing..or it could just be that he's strange. :P

Green? Although in our house it would be the opposite. I'd say no, MM would say yes and then they'd do it anyway. Jerks. LOL

I don't know if he likes it or not. He says he does, but I wonder if that's just b/c it annoys me?

pipper said...

I like the haircut! It's cute.

And my oldest daughter has already lost her DS that she got for Christmas. *sigh* The youngest one, the one that we were places bets on how long it would take her to lose hers, still has her all in tack. Hasn't even lost the pen yet!

Holly said...

LOL @ not losing the pen. I'm pretty sure both kids lost one of their pens each (they each had two) but I'm not concerning myself. I told them once they were gone they were gone. End of story.

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