Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Letters from Kelsey

This is a new one. Usually it's letters to Cheeks. Yesterday she got in trouble and didn't get to go on our walk. W and I went and Jack stayed home with Cheeks. She threw a huge fit, said she would be good, and generally cried like her heart was breaking. When we got home, we came in the door and there was a letter on the rug right inside the door. It's a piece of paper, folded in half.


To: Moma From Cheeks
:( :( :(


Moma I nevr won't to go no a wock with you ene more in my life ef in your life so their now.


Momma, I never want to go on a walk with you any more in my life if (or?) in your life so there now.

At first, I wasn't happy b/c it really is a rude note written in a fit of anger. At the same time, I'm happy that she's able to express herself like that. I guess it's better that way than her yelling it in my face.


Holly said...

I love Kelsey. She's so damn cute.

I hear you, though. I mean sure, it is good that she expresses herself, but OTOH...I'd smack her around some. That should help.


Lori said...

What a stinker. She told you, huh? So there.

Tracy said...

So there. lol it's funny, yet not. Too bad she didn't stick with the "I won't ever do anything bad again."

Lori said...

Hey Casee,

I gave you an award over at my testosterone blog. You can even thank the drama queen for it, LOL!

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