Thursday, September 4, 2008


About two years ago, Jack Jr got the stomach flu right after he ate a peach. Since then, he refuses to eat, touch, smell, or look at a peach. He doesn't even like when we say the word peach.

I've tried to explain to him that it wasn't the peach that made him throw up, but he's not buying. I've asked him if he wouldn't eat strawberries if it was strawberries instead of peaches that he ate before getting sick. He considered it for a moment, but he still wasn't buying it. To this day, he thinks it's the peach that made him sick.

This kid is so serious that I've taken it upon myself to shake him up a bit. I tell him I'm making peach pie for dessert (I never make pie), I ask him if he wants me to add peaches to the grocery list. Or if he's really grumpy, I'll whisper "peaches" in his ear. Unfortunately Cheeks has taken her cue from me and enjoys saying "peaches" to him, too. Unlike me, she says it just to make him mad. And let me tell you, nothing makes this kid more mad than when his sister says the word "peaches" to him.

One thing I love about being a parent is that I can tell Cheeks that she can't say "peaches" to him, but I can. When she asks me why, I just say because I said so. I think that's the greatest parental saying ever.


Dev said...

That's funny! Poor kid. I can completely understand his aversion to peaches, though. They're not my favorite.

Christine said...

My girls came down with this nasty, nasty stomach bug the night after we made homemade soft pretzels at the little one's girl scout meeting. Three years later they both cringe, shiver, gag and protest at even LOOKING at someone else eat a soft pretzels. Looks like I've got a secret weapon. Heh.

Oh. And 80% of the first grade was absent the following day. So no... I didn't poison my Brownie troop. ;p

KMont said...

It is so not fun when stuff hits us like that and one certain thing becomes the focus of that illness or other bad moment.

Of course, I have eventually gotten over stuff like that, things I associated with making me ill, etc. Maybe he will get over peaches one day.

I wholeheartedly agree with you on "Because I say so."

I use it on my daughter. Of course, she says it to me too, the twerp.

Mollie said...

I had the same kind of aversion for YEARS to popcorn, for the very same reason. I got the flu or something and I had had popcorn that night. It wasn't until I got older that I realized my mistake in correlating the two but I still don't like to eat popcorn other than at the movies.

Lori said...

Poor kid :( But WTG on the "Because I say so". Rock on! What fun is it to be a parent if you can't use that line every now and again? (Even if you swore up and down and sideways every time you heard it growing up you'd NEVER say that to your kids!

We had the same issue with Jeff with the flourless chocolate cake. He ate over half of it. The puked all night. OK, it was his fault for eating that much rich chocolate, but still... we had a blast teasing him about it. Poor Steve didn't like it much when he tried to join in the fun and got a foot in the stomach for his efforts. *sigh* I just tell myself they'll be great friends when they're adults.

Holly said...

"Because I said so" Is one of my most very favorite mom sayings. My other most favorite is, "Because I'm the mom and the mom is the boss, that's why."

It's good being queen.

Tracy said...

The same thing happened to me and I didn't eat popcorn for 10 years. Yeah, I know. Whatever.

I love saying because I said so!! And I love that you say peaches to him when he's grumpy! too funny.

Erin said...

Omgosh, that is so like D and G. Somehow, G's middle name became to him like "Peaches" is to Jack Jr. lol And of course D just calls him that when he wants to start a fight. *sigh*

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