Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I am pathetic.

On Monday night, I talked both kids into doing a workout that I had on DVR. Since they're kids and don't realize that they won't always actually like to exercise, they were thrilled and all for it. So we moved the coffee table out of the way and started Total Body Sculpt with Gilad.

As we get through about 10 minutes of it, I'm telling myself that I'll just turn it off when they're ready, since they won't be able to make it that much longer. Ha. I'm the one that had to quit with them saying "We're not tired!".


So I woke up yesterday and was extremely sore. When they got home from school yesterday afternoon, I asked Jack Jr. if he was sore. He just looked at me like I was crazy and asked "From what?". I explained what he should be sore from and he said "Oh, my legs were a little sore this morning, but not anymore".

Oh to be a kid again. Brat.


Dev said...

Ha ha!!! Oh funny :-)

Holly said...

I so wish I could go back to that. Little Man loves to exercise w/ me, too. Or should I say around me? Thanks kid, way to make me feel like a sloth.

Tracy said...

oh my kids do the same thing. I have that Slim in 6 dvd. Dear God in heaven I can't friggin walk after I'm done with just the starter one! lol My girls want to do it all the time and say that the starter one is not exciting enough. Bite me. lol

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