Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Star Wars, MM-Style.

For whatever reason, one of MM's favorite insults for the kids is "Dopey Wan Knobe". I don't know where he got it from (he probably made it up..he does that a lot) but he'll often call Little Man or The Girl that. Heck, he's even thrown it at me a few times.

The other night we were at the table and somehow the expression was bought up. I'm thinking because MM called one of us that. From there he starts trying to think up insults from the other characters.

MM: What's one for Yoda? Yo-duh? heh No wait, Yo-Dummy.
LM: What about Luke Skywalker?
MM: eh, there's only two of you, so I only need two names. Dopey Wan and Yo-Dummy.
TG: What about Anakin?
MM: Wait, I should be Yoda, so no insulting name for him.
Me: No, I should. I'm the wise one.
TG: Ha!
MM: You should be Anakin because you turn evil once a month
*Me, TG and MM laugh, LM looks confused*
MM: The best part about that is only me, you and TG get it.
LM: Get what? Mom's evil all the time, not just once a month.



Lori said...

Laughing. I can totally appreciate this type of dinner conversation!

Anonymous said...

LOL! That was awesome!

CindyS said...

LM is awesome!

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