Monday, April 20, 2009

A "not very pleasant" note from W

We were in Northern California for my MIL's wedding from Wednesday to Sunday. On Friday night, we threw her a surprise bridal shower. As most people know, bridal showers are generally for females. So W was very upset that he couldn't come upstairs and be a part of it. Cheeks was w/ us, as was his four year old cousin. He wasn't a happy camper. They have a big bonus room upstairs and I could kind of seem him loitering outside the door, giving me the evil eye.

A few minutes after I saw them, he came in and handed me a fake rose petal (part of the decorations). He said "This note is for you. It's not a very pleasant note." and then he left.

I'm kind of having to wing it, b/c I can't find the damn thing. Which really pisses me off, b/c I thought I put it in my pocket. I went upstairs and asked him and he remembered it word for word. Somehow, that doesn't surprise me.

Dear moma,
I'm not going to be your ring bearer anymore. And I'm serious.
Not your love,

I have more stories about him. Including the speech he gave at the reception. God, I love that kid.


Stacy said...


Gah, I love kids!

Tracy said...

roflmao! Kids are so damned funny! I can't wait to hear what he had to say at the reception!

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