Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kids & Tofu

I don't make tofu very often. If you don't cook it right, it tastes like, well, nothing. If you make you're able to make good tofu, then it is good.

On Sunday night, I made Barbequed Tofu Sandwiches. They were really good. Jack and even my brother liked them. Because of this misconception that W has about "my" food, I told him it was chicken. No, that doesn't make me horrible. Just sneaky. LOL

He loved it. LOVED it. He even wanted seconds. I couldn't eat my whole sandwich, so I gave him the rest of mine. As he was finishing his, I told him what it really was. He thought I meant the one I gave him. I told him that it was all the same. After that, he wouldn't eat anymore.

Freaking kids. This is what happens when I try to cook. Next time, I'm just going to stick to the lie.


limecello said...

Good call on the lie ;)
As for tofu... I think/agree that the problem is too many people eat/make tofu wrong, which just gives them a horrible impression.

I was horrified when I learned people ate it plain/thought they could just eat it out of the box. Um, no. Sad. Ew.

limecello said...

Well - ok, let me qualify my statement. You CAN do that... but *why*?!??!?!

Casee said...

Lime, at the cafeteria salad bar where I work, they have plain uncooked tofu. I swear, it makes me gag just looking at it. Not like it's bad, it just tastes like cardboard.

Tracy said...

Damn kids are picky. My daughters would have done the same thing - stopped eating the minute they found out what it really was. I'd stick with the lie too.

And you are brave to make it....I just made plain old beef stew over rice (which was fab) last night and my youngest just sat and cried. Cried for Pete's sake! Over stew! lol Finally I said...just eat the beef and rice. My oldest daughter ended up eating the veggies and potatoes. Geesh! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm Asian so I'll throw in the curve ball. Tofu is my favorite - it's like mozzarella to us Asians. It's good with anything and taste great plain. There is nothing I hate more than tofu pretending to be something it's not. i think this is why some people hates it - "what? yuck, this is suppose to taste like beef"

sorry lost track of the why of my comment - too busy drooling as I'm rhapsodizing over tofu.....


Anonymous said...

oh wait, i remember now!

Good job on getting your kid to eat something new! There's no point in tricking them into trying something if you CAN'T tell them the truth after it's eaten. That whole fun of it.


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