Thursday, March 5, 2009


As the kids were walking out this morning.....

The Girl: Bye Mom. Love you.
Little Man: Bye Mom. Love you. Have a good day at work.
Me: Bye kids. Love you.
LM: Er, well, you don't go to work.
TG: Crap, I forgot something in my room.
Me: TG, you aren't bringing Eclipse to school.
TG: Ugh.
LM: Bye. Have a good day at work.
The Girl almost drops her backpack
TG: That would have been bad.
LM: Why do I keep saying "have a good day at work"? She doesn't go to work.
TG: LM, her job is to stay home and clean the house. This is her work.
The door closes behind them.

Kids. Why do I get the feeling they heard that particular line from MM?


JenB said...

Haaaahahahaha...Holly Housewife got pwned by her kids.

Next time they get smart, tell them (and MM) you're taking the week off from your "work" and they can cook their own dinners for the week. :D

Tracy said...

OMG Holly Housewife - that's hilarious! lol Tell MM to shut it. :)

Holly said...

Holly Housewife??? HAHAHA!

Cripes, I really did get pwned by my children. *headdesk*

nath said...

MM is such a bad influence!

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