Friday, June 18, 2010

The new bad word

The new "bad" word in our house is..."seriously".

Yes, I'm serious. It sounds ridiculous, but when you hear a nine year old say "seriously" every time you ask him to do anything, something obviously needs to be done. Thus, I have banned the word from our house. That is extremely hard for me b/c I say that word a lot. I don't use it in the same context as W. When it's coming from my mouth, it doesn't seem like blasphemy. By the tone in his voice, he might as well be saying "are you fucking kidding me?". The kid has hears like, well, whatever animal has good hearing. He could be upstairs playing Rockband, hear me say "seriously" and yell down the stairs "Momma!!".

I love that kid, but sometimes I want to beat him. Seriously.


Tracy said...

lol I hear seriously a lot too but not enough to ban it...yet. :)

Anonymous said...


My students use that one a lot. I especially love it when I say, "Pass up your homeowork," and one of them looks at me aghast and says, "Seriously?"

Jenni Green said...

You know that is exactly what he is implying when he says it. I have witnessed the sass of Will! He is no dummy, he just thinks we are!

Jeff N, said...

Like my boys and the country and western song..."just like you dad"...(they hear and see EVERYTHING)..:)

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