Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Little Runaway

The Girl and I have been at odds the last few weeks over - what else - her not doing her homework assignments. Things finally came to a head last week when we got her midterm grades and she still has a D in math.

We had a huge blow up and then a long talk and I thought we'd cleared things up. Apparently not, however, because yesterday I found this note in her backpack. (Sorry the image is a little off..I need to adjust my scanner)

I have to give the girl credit for wanting to be prepared. She's going to wait until she's older and has a car, and she needs a brush for her own comfort. As a mom, I have to say I'm darn proud that she included "good shoes" and "toothpaste/brush" on her list.


Anonymous said...

Well, I know who I would have wanted with me if I had ever run away. She really thought of just about everything!

JenB said...

HAHAHA! Okay, so...she's going to wait till she has a car and all the necessities, and then she's going to run away? Wow, how adorably Type-A.

And is that "gun" written in parentheses? O_O

I wonder where she gets her attitude. ;)

Tracy said...

At least your girl planned. Mine would just leave and then come back and ask me to pack for her. lol

Holly said...

@Jen - the gun is for protection. She's going to need it living in the wild and all.

@Eyre - She's all over it, isn't she?

@Tracy - You might be surprised. I figured that's how mine would be and here she is, surprising me. lol

Casee said...

She's so resourceful, I wouldn't be surprised if she's knocked down half of the list by the end of the year.

D W said...

Did you tell her that she pretty much described leaving for college. The only way to "run away". I guess it could be considered a bit dangerous. And she probably would need a water purifier if she became a naturalist and attended Humboldt State. hahahahaha

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