Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lets talk Santa letters

I am convinced that no child can be more creative than W when it comes to writing a letter to Santa. This year, we only let them write a list of 10 things (explaining that when the economy is bad for us, it's bad for Santa, too). Here are a few things he put on his list:

1. XBox

Okay-we already have an XBox, but W said that Jack doesn't let him play it enough. The XBox is downstairs and the Wii is upstairs in the playroom. So W's resolution to that problem is to have an XBox upstairs and downstairs. Not very cost effective.

2. My own TV

I fully admit that my kids watch too much TV. That said, I draw the line at putting a TV in their room. That's one thing that they don't need.

3. iPhone

Yep, the kid wants an iPhone. Does he even have a cell phone? No. But he's decided that he wants an iPhone. Lovely.

So those were the three most outrageous things on his list. But of all W's Santa lists, my all-time favorite is: "A refrigerator for my own room".

So share your kids Santa letters with us. Inquiring minds, etc.


Lori said...

LMAO!!!! But funnily, this list looks mighty familiar. I also draw the line at a TV in the kid's rooms, much to their chagrin.

Jeff wants a laptop. I'm putting the kabash on that until I absolutely have to. I still have a couple more years of high school to go. If I can put it off till he goes away to college, I'd much rather. Who knows what pron that kid would get into in his own room? I've seen the filth he watches on ours. That kid is kinky. Just sayin'. LOL.

As for the fridge? He's been asking for that for years! Word of warning: that request does not stop. It only gets louder as the years go on.

Anonymous said...

My 9-YO wants a cell phone, cable in her room (she has a TV but because we're so far from anything all she can do is watch tapes on it), and her own computer, among a sea of other things.

Yeah - none of that happnin'.

LorelieLong said...

My five year old asked for a cell phone, too. Does it make me a bad mom that I out-right laughed at him?

Holly said...

Will cracks me up. He's just so darn cute, I'd have a hard time saying no to him. Good thing he wasn't asking me for that stuff. LOL

The Girl is begging for a laptop this year. And a cell phone. Uhm..hello, you're 12. I told her she can get a laptop and a cell phone when I did - when I could pay for it myself. She said, "I could pay for it now!" which is true, b/c she has money in savings. Then I explained that she'd have to pay to keep it up (the cell and internet service) and she gave it up. Her $5 a week allowance isn't going to pay for that. lol

Little Man is an electronics freak and wants all kinds of electronic stuff. He hasn't asked for a cell, but he does want a laptop. I'm gonna have to go with NO! Cripes.

He also wants Rock Band 2 for the Wii. Which is fine, since we've almost beat Rock Band 1. But he doesn't just want the game, he actually wants the instruments. Know why? B/c they're wireless. Same instruments, just no cords. Is it just me, or does that seem like a TOTAL WASTE?

Lorelie, I laugh at my kids, too. A lot.

Casee said...


If you're a bad mom for laughing, so am I. LOL

One year Kelsey asked for a live seal. The town we live in actually writes letters back. So "Santa" asked her if she knew how much fish a real seal would eat.


Stay strong. It seems like most 12 y/o's have cell phones these days.

Anonymous said...

Caseeeeeeeeeeeee...know who this is? *g*

You gotta hand it to Will for putting some real thought into his list! LOL

I haven't even had Abi make a list and I'm almost done with her shopping...does that make me a bad Mom? I kind of never think to do that. lol

Tracy said...

LOL! What a cute kid - and as you said, very creative.

My 10 year old daughter has been asking for a cell phone for about 2 years. No, no & um, let me think...NO!

Besides that my kids have no idea what they want for Christmas - I'm not sure if that makes it easier or harder for me! lol

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