Thursday, November 13, 2008

Taylor or Miley?

When outraged parents came out several years ago complaining that their impressionable daughters' idol, Britney Spears, wasn't so wholesome anymore, it really wasn't a blip on my radar. My kids were both babies at the time and I remember thinking that the parents should do less complaining to the media and more talking to their kids. Little did I know that about five years later, I would be in that same position.

Kelsey loves both Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. Every night, she falls asleep to the music of Taylor Swift. Anytime I see her on any talkshow/award show/news show, I record it for her. She loves Taylor Swift. I love her, too. She is exactly the type of celebrity that I would want Kelsey to look up to. She never looks slutty. She almost always looks her age. The other day, Taylor was on Ellen and Kelsey was glued to the TV. She loved seeing the pictures from when Taylor was a baby and the video of Taylor singing when she was a kid. She literally felt joy just from watching this eighteen year old teenager talk.

Miley Cyrus OTOH? I feel like sending her a letter telling her that in case she forgot, she's only 15. She'll have plenty of time to dress like a 25 year old, please wait until she's at least 20. I know that part of it is just society today and how our kids are introduced to certain things so much sooner than we were, but come on. Miley Cyrus looks like she's 20 years old. Sometimes I forget that she's only 15. With Britney Spears, she was growing up so of course her image was going to change. Considering Miley's age, and what crowd she is most popular with, could she please try to set some sort of good example? Not that I'm going to let Kelsey start wearing makeup and dressing skanky. I count myself lucky that Kelsey just likes Hannah Montana. She doesn't really differentiate between Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus.

Another thing I don't like about Miley is how freakin' expensive it is to go to any of her shows. My sister and I were talking about how she charged $200 per ticket to her birthday party at Disneyland. Srsly? If you're in the position that she is in, you have to make yourself available for your fans, the very people that have made you as popular as you are. I know that I wouldn't drop down $400 for two tickets to Disneyland, even if I lived in Socal. Pul-lease.

Kelsey is only six, so I realize that it's just beginning. Lucky me.


Lori said...

LOL - yup, lucky you. Me? I'm dealing with idols from bands like AC/DC, Guns n Roses, etc. Oh joy.

OTOH, Jon Bon Jovi is a great role model, and both kids adore him and his music. At least there is one in the plus column. And at least we can enjoy the music with the kids (Yay - no kiddy pop!)

Tracy said...

These are the times I wish I had boys like Lori. My girls really like Miley but you're right she does not like to dress her age. It bugs the heck out of me. Luckily they don't watch all that much tv so they haven't been influenced too much.

I know my oldest likes TS a lot too. Don't think my 6 yr old has caught on yet. :)

Holly said...

The Girl is currently obsessed with Taylor, too. I'm so glad she isn't a MS fan. She annoys the crap out of me and I totally agree that she dresses and acts inappropriate for her age. It's frustrating, the same was it was when Brit did it.

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