Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Really Just Don't Understand

Last night (well, early this morning) Little Man woke up and started crying at the top of his lungs. "Waaah. Moooom. Waaahhh." I rolled over and looked at the clock, realized it was 3 in the morning, decided if it was that important he'd come find me on his own and rolled over and went back to sleep. Only for the next two hours, he continued crying screaming. Finally, around 5:30, I couldn't take it anymore and went in his room to find out what the problem was. He shudderingly told me his tummy and head were aching. I asked if he needed Tylenol and he nodded. "Yes, please". Oh, super polite now that we've gotten mommy out of bed, aren't we?

I go into the kitchen to get him a Tylenol and some water and he follows me in, looking awfully damn pleased with himself now that I'm stumbling around the house and he isn't all alone in his misery. I give him the Tylenol, ask if he's better and send him back to bed.

Now I know all of you are looking at me like I'm the worst mother in the world. I let my child scream for TWO HOURS before I got up to see what was wrong with him? There's a special place in hell reserved for people like me, right? Except..he's 9. NINE.

I'm sorry, but I don't understand why a freaking nine year old would lie in bed and SCREAM at the top of his lungs for two hours instead of just getting up and coming into my room to tell me he's not well. When I asked him about this he just shrugged his shoulders and smiled. SMILED.

You can't tell me he didn't do it on purpose.


JenB said...

*dies laughing* Oh, he sooo has your number. Man, that kid is good. Freaking brilliant. LOLOL

*passes the boy an Oscar*

(all men are babies...even the grown-up ones...heck, ESPECIALLY the grown-up ones...he's just practicing)

Anonymous said...

Ha! Hahaha!!! My three-year-old daugher's latest and greatest is getting up out of bed every night after bed time to tell us she doesn't feel good. I assure all, she is quite well. It's a ploy to stay up later or get us to go to her room and "lay down with her". *snort* Smart they are, smart. And devious.

Looking forward to more stories of survival!

Christine said...

My nine year old wakes up just about EVERY night and either crawls to our bed or calls and calls and calls. For her its either that she simply has to pee (SO GET UP AND GO!!), she's cold (PUT ON YOUR PAJAMAS -she's into sleeping nude lately- AND PULL UP THE COVERS!) or she's afraid of the dark (SHE'S GOT A FREAKING STRING OF WHITE XMAS LIGHTS HANGING IN HER ROOM ITS LIKE ROCKEFUCKINGFELLAR CENTER).

Needless to say .. .. I feel your pain.

Tracy said...

OMG Holly that's hilarious! I was expecting you to say he was much younger! lmao!

Christine - dear heavens! I think my husband would freak the fuck out if my oldest even tried to sleep nude! lol I think he thinks it's reserved for the over 21 crowd! lol

Tracy said...
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Holly said...

You know what else? There were NO TEARS. Not a single one. Little stinker.

Mine used to do that, too. Every night. You would have thought they didn't have bladders for as often as they needed to "Go potty again!". Oy.

The Girl slept naked from about 2 until about 10. Then she started to develop breasts and finally stopped.

I know! You'd think he's 2 based on this, wouldn't you? The little punk.

MM used to have a heart attack and a half when he'd walk into the living room in the morning to find The Girl naked and asleep on the couch. I just cracked up. LOL

Lori said...

I SO feel your pain! I can't count the number of times that Steve called and called. And cried and cried. And the number of times that I just heaved and sighed and said "Just come get me". Now he just stands over me and breathes. Improvement? *headdesk*

And the men just sleep through it, too. Damn them. I'm convinced that my DH heard, but just pretended to sleep so I'd get up.

And my oldest has always slept nude. He used to run around nekkid, too, till we forced him to put clothes on at about age 5, telling him that the neighbors were beginning to laugh at him. But he still sleeps in the buff. And still expects us to turn around when he wants to get into the shower in the morning. HELLO? You're in high school - put on a ROBE!! Just... Icky.

Idjuts, I tell you!

nath said...

LOL, I can tell this is going to be a fun blog to hang around!!! Although I have to admit, I have a sister... but she's well trained, she comes to see me and complains, even if I'm half-asleep.

Holly said...

OMG! I'm SO convinced you're right - there's no way they could sleep through all that noise. I's just impossible.

Idjuts indeed.

LOL! Poor least she's trained, though. haha

Thanks for supporting us, guys!

Casee said...

Is it bad that I find it hilarious that you let him cry for 2 hours before you got up? LOL

Brie said...

I'm surprised that he didn't fall back asleep after the one hour mark. He must have been very determined. :p

CindyS said...

You guys are killing me!!

The only time I (as a child) couldn't get out of bed was when I had those growing pains in my legs. I used to call for my Mom when my legs cramped up. Then there was the puking - no crying out then, they figured it out pretty fast ;)

Other than that I would go into my parents room, head to my mother's side of the bed and stand over her. Scared the crap out of her I'm sure but I got lifted in and put on top of the blankets.

Boys though, that there be a whole new way of life ;)

I'm going to enjoy this blog just a little too much being kid free and all ;)


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